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Hello Dave! Thanks a lot for this interview with sexandskateandrocknroll.com :

– What deck width do you usually use?


– Which is easier for you: kickclip or heelflip?

Nollie Kickflip

– Wow! Nollie kickflip! Good one! I didn´t expect that. How many hours do you skate per week?

it varies from an 1 a day to 8 hours depending on if I am working on something.

– We are happy to have you in Valencia every now and then. What skateparks do you like most?

In Valencia there are a lot of places to skate. I really like the vibe of the skateplaza. I have just completed a plaza edit for Osiris footwear and also 50 tricks on the rail. Expect to see that soon. 

–  In which countries have you skated?
I have skated in a lot of countries across Europe and parts of the US. In Europe, Paris has some good vibes but Barcelona I feel I can be most productive. Also on the eastern side, Czech has some great marble and opportunities for different tricks! In regards to the US, the east is very different from the west, The east has more of a London vibe like, New York style but the west has that unbeatable weather and the spots but you need a car.

– Tell us about your experience at The Berrics.
The Berrics was crazy, the location itself is mad, a warehouse with perfect skate obstacles, nothing needs wax and everything is perfect. At the time when I was going to The Berrics, Tommy Sandoval was filming his battle commander, so we would drive up from San Diego and skate there. It was great seeing what goes into it and what a great skateboarder Tommy Sandoval is, he handles business! Also shout out to Tyrone Olson for driving up there and the Nollie Hardflip was beast homie!  

– Do you think that skateboarding is becoming more popular lately?
I think with skateboarding becoming more widely shown for example on adverts in shops the popularity is increasing fo sho. This can only make it better right ? Giving the younger generations a better chance at seeing skateboarding and becoming more acceptable in the world. 

– Which skaters have influenced you most?
That is always a hard question.There are so many skateboarders that are so good, I will name 3 but the list is endless. Paul Rodriguez, Wade Desarmo, Nick Tucker. 

Dave Wallace trucks
– What do you feel when you learn a new trick?
Learning is amazing, when you learn a new trick that you have been battling with is a great feeling. It´s great when you can be at home and think of a trick and within minutes hours or days you have the ability to learn that trick. Everything is possible. It just depends whether you are willing to put the time in. When I was filming the 50 tricks on rail i learnt a load of new tricks and that progression is what pushes you.

– What other hobbies do you have?
Skateboarding is a big «hobby» and it takes over your life but other things I like to do are film and edit, and also the photography side but all these things come hand in hand with skateboarding. So from picking up a skateboard I have learned a lot of things that I find enjoyment with. 

– Which type of music do you listen?
My playlist is always updated with new tracks and new albums. Recently I have been running a lot of Rick Ross but Biggie is always in the mix. Anything with a good beat that has good vibes. 

Dave Wallace at Willshop Valencia
Dave Wallace at Willshop VLC skateshop (July 2014)

– Which are your sponsors?















– Give us two links from youtube to see your best videos.

50  on rail filmed at Skateplaza Valencia:

Project 14: 



– In which projects are you involved right now?  
As of right now I have completed 2 videos from Valencia; A plaza edit and 50 tricks on rail. I also took a trip to the South of France and Northern Spain and I have a whole section filmed that is being edited as we speak. My trip to Barcelona was very productive. I have stacked a load of clips some of this is going towards a Theeve Trucks clip and the other part of this is going towards PROJECT14. ( More details on this will come to light in the coming months) .


Berni with Dave Wallace at Skateplaza Valencia
Berni with Dave Wallace at the Skateplaza in Valencia (July 2014)


– Say goodbye to our readers. 

Thank you to everyone who has watched my videos and I have met or skated with in the street many more great session in the future. People! http://www.youtube.com/user/daveskatewallace Subscribe for more videos. I would also like to give a shout out to Berni and www.sexandskateandrocknroll.com for making this happen. We will skate soon fo sho!! 

– Thanks to you for this interview Dave. It´s been a great pleasure meeting you and watching you skating in person. We wish you all the best and we are looking forward to seeing your new clips. See you around !!

INTERVIEW WITH DAVE WALLACE (Pro skater from England)

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