In this series of articles I will present and identify some of every skater worst fears.

Today we have «the shit»

A picture of our enemy.
A picture of our enemy.


Without any doubt, one of the worst enemies we have to face every day. When these things are around the skatepark we all are in great danger as we all start to fall like flies.  I hate them so much. Even though we try to swap them, they always come back to hunt us and to stay right in the middle of our line. MADAFAKKKKKAAAARS!!!!

As Rage Against the Machine says: Know your enemy!

I don´t know exactly how this is called (it is like a leaf or a seed). In Spanish we use to call it «helicóptero, mierda, china, semilla»). Please, if someone knows, write a comment. Thanks





KNOW YOUR ENEMY (1st chapter)
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