This is one of the best videos ever. In fact it is probably my favourite one. This was the first video I saw from Rodney Mullen, my hero, and this changed my life. Since the beginning I watched it with my eyes wide open even without blinking.

It is amazing the control he has of the board. It is as if the deck obeys Rodney. He is so fast and so consistent in every trick. He is unbelievable. Capable of doing about 2 or 3 tricks per second  during the whole video, which lasts almost 4 minutes, all in a row without any mistake. How many takes would have taken to anyone else do these line?

He was not only a good freestyle skater, but the father of most of the tricks we all practise: Flat ollie, kickflip, heelflip, impossible, 360 flip …

He was amazing in freestyle, as you can appreciate in the video recorded in Japan, but also in street style, when he experimented with manuals and applying his casper flips, darkslides, primo slides on ledges, banks, and everywhere.

I wish he had skated on ramps too. No doubt he would have been incredible. My theory is that he left that terrain to other skaters who were his friends.

Also, it would have been so fun to see Rodney in a game of S.K.A.T.E. (like the ones currently played at the Battle at the Berrics). Who knows… maybe one day. I think he still kicks everyone´s ass! YEAH!

Thumbs up! This video is a bit old schoool, so this post seems a REMEMBER session. Let´s dedicate a clip to Rodney, who is a true legend and he is  ALIVE AND KICK(flip)ING thanks to his EXTRAORDINARY MIND!


RODNEY MULLEN (1984 Freestyle Japan)
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  • 05/07/2014 a las 13:30
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    Great post!Some things never change and Rodney Mullen will be the same great skater forever!
    He has carried on with his passion, and also due to his awesome abilities on the board has led him to be one of the Top Skaters
    I love Simple Minds too!But,as I notice,you have a great mind because you can remember a lot of things from your childhood.;-)


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