This is ourfirst clip uploaded on YouTube.

It couldn´t be other trick than the KICKFLIP. One of the best tricks ever.

Nice, clean and smooth. We will make more videos for you. This is just the beginning.

It is not a «how to kickflip video», but watching clips in slow motion in order to look every detail (foot positioning, timming between popping and flicking, length of the kick ) is even better than many tutorials.

Let´s apply the logics:

If «a picture is worth a thousand words»,

and this video has 30 fps (Frames per second) and lasts 4 seconds… we can state that this video is worth 30 x4x1000 = 120,000 words. YEEAAH!!!

Thanks for watching! Sk8 or die!

Slow motion Kickflip
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