I would like to share my favorite guitar solos with you.

I have seen another videos and posts about the same topic, but I disagree pretty much with their results. That´s why I wanted to do my own list.

Thanks for leaving me a comment with more ideas because I know this is a subjetive list in which you would include another 20 different solos, so I might consider writing the part II of this post 🙂

By the way, this list is not ordered from best to worst… This is not a competition at all. I just want you to enjoy every solo like I do.

I hope you find it interesting and you get to discover new bands and search more about these amazing musicians:

1º) Jason Becker – «Altitudes»: He is the absolute God of the Guitar. Best arpeggios, shredding, sweep picking, harmonics, legatos and outstanding use of whammy bar while phrasing. He combines amazing chord proggressions with melodic and technical guitar solos like no one. He will always be the number 1 for me. I consider Jason as my hero and even as a friend, eventhough I have never met him. I love him and his family. Long Live Master Jason Becker:

2º) Marty Friedman – «Last Lament»: Most people know him by his years in Megadeth during the 90s and Cacophony together with Jason Becker in the late 80´s, but his solo career is amazing and he has great masterpieces. His style is unique and easy to identify because of his bendings, his phrasing and his chromatisms. He is also very open minded and gets influences from all over the world. In Last Lament I would swear that I listen Argentinian Tango… I love it so much.

3º) Arch Enemy – «Black Earth»: The early Arch Enemy was the best for me and for many of their fans. Stigmata album is full of incredible solos by brothers Michael and Christopher Amott. This song feautures one solo of each of them… the first one with that infinite bending and also the last one with that wonderful delayed arpeggios… superb!

) Barón Rojo – «Los Rockeros van al Infierno»: Barón Rojo will always remain as the greatest Spanish hard rock band in history. Lead guitar Armando de Castro is a legend and he masters the slide as no one. Even Metallica has attempted to cover this song (and failed… by the way).

5º) Pantera – «The Sleep»: Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) was such a talented guitarist. His riffs and solos are unique. He performed delightful solos like this one… the guitar tone and the bendings are epic.

6º) Yngwie Malmsteen – «Black Star»: The swedish guitarist is one of the top neoclassical composers of all times. His first album is pure gold in which he combines classical guitar, arpeggios and incredible fast sections. His Fender Stratocaster sounds like no one else´s and has influenced many others:

7º) Koma – «Cómo les jode»: The first album from Koma is just perfect. Great riffs, humour, and incredible guitar solos by Natxo Zabala. Please, go to see this band live:

8º) Megadeth – «Go to Hell»: One of the hidden treasures from Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman. Two of my fav guitarists playing solos and answering one to each other. This gem is priceless.

) Guthrie Govan and Steve Morse in «River of Longing» from Jason Becker: The guitar solos recorded by Guthrie and Steve featured in last album from Jason Becker are really jaw-dropping.

10º) Ozzy Osbourne – «Crazy Train»: Randy Rhoads (R.I.P.) was so inspirational. This solo and the Mr. Crowley´s are probably the pinnacle of his short career. Randy will always be in the top for me.

11º) The Toy Dolls – «Orcastrated»: I am sure you wouldn´t expect this band to be here but you will get suprised if you give yourself a chance to listen to Olga´s playing. Superb use of all resources and beautiful phrasing. Innovative and entertaining as always. His yellow Fender Telecaster sounds fantastic:

12º) Dream Theater – «Erotomania»: John Petrucci playing and writing is so proficent. He is a musician from another world. Just take a listen to this one…

13º) Arcturus «To thou who dwellest in the night» – First album from symphonic black metal band from Norway Arcturus is a masterpiece. Their keyboards, drums, clean vocals and guitar are phenomenal:

14º) Sypmphony X – «Shades of Grey»: Michael Romeo is one of my favorite guitarists of all times. Such a great neoclassical composer capable of combining killer groovy riffs full of strength with wonderful guitar solos. He masters tapping technique as you can see. This solo is very emotional:

15º) Joe Satriani – «The Extremist»: This is why Satch is considered the master of masters. What a great guitar player. His works display a great amount of knowledge, talent and technique. His Ibanez sounds brutal:

16º) Los Suaves – «El Afilador»: Alberto Cereijo performs beatiful solos all over this song in which he seems inspired by Iron Maiden.

17º) Metallica – «Ride the Lightning»: Kirk Hammett is able to chose the proper notes in every moment. Ride the Lightning solo has tapping, harmonized guitars and fits perfectly with one of my favorite songs from Metallica:

18º) In Flames – «Zombie Inc.»: The clean guitar section starting in 2:09 and part right after that is one of the best things ever recorded from my point of view.

19º) Iron Maiden – «Wasted Years»: Dave Murray and Adrian Smith solos are orgasmic. This song is the perfect example in which every member of the band add their special ingredient to create the distinctive sound of Iron Maiden. Bravo!

20º) Lagwagon – «Stockin´the neigbors»: This is a special mention solo for my friend Eien Zero as this one is his favorite solo. And I can understand him perfectly. Never underestimate the pentatonic minor scale which is a great source of joy and wildness!

I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment.

Sorry if I have grammar mistakes. I am not a Native English speaker but I tried my best. Thanks for reading until here.

List created by Berni M. (July 28th 2019, Valencia, Spain).

TOP 20 guitar solos in rock (for me).
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    Wow, didn’t expect to see «Last Lament» on the second place! Great song btw. Altitudes should be obviously on the first place, it is a master piece from start to end. I think Pobre Jugardor is also at the same level as El Afilador. Great music taste mate!

    • 08/06/2019 a las 10:55
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      Thanks a lot Alex. Appreciated. They are not exactly in order but Altitudes is the TOP 1 for sure 🙂 It was hard to just pick 20. I am thinking of doing a top 30 list because I would like to include Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane… etc. I love your DESAFINADOS youtube so much and your website as well. Keep it up the good work.


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