The best video compilations of Valencia skate spots and skate trips. Map of Valencia skate spots.

Valencia can be a good choice for skateboarders who travel around the world looking for a skate trip in order to film their own clips in innovative spots and have fun, enjoy the beach, the night life, … anything cool at the same time.

We have made a compilation with some of the best clips filmed and edited in Valencia skate spots by foreigners who visit this amazing city.

Daniel Ledermann (Germany): Seven days in Valencia

Zeropolis (France): 5 days in Valencia

Free Skate Magazine: Sour in Valencia


Flatspot Exclusive (Netherlands): Valencia days with Shajen Willems,…

Bunker Skatepark Valencia Camp 2016 (Italy).

DC Shoes (Chile): Matías Arraño in Valencia.

Taylor Nawroki: «El Sol». One of the best street clips in the city ever.

Reel 037: The Valencia Experience 2016 with Cristian Sánchez, Julian Lorenzo, Henrique Goncalves, Samuel Beyer, Justin Sommer, Lenni Janssen, Jakob Dohse & Sebi Hartung from Germany.

Günes Ozdögan street part in Valencia

Cariboo skateshop (USA): Skateplaza Valencia part

Skate Crate (UK): Brithis skateboarders having fun in VLC

SWIFT by Alex Marco

Valencia skatetrip 2013

Valencia skatetrip 2015

Among the most legendary spots of Valencia we name: La Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de Viriato (a.k.a. plaza del chino), MUVIM, Plaza Nápoles y Sicilia, Tinglado nº2 del Puerto de Valencia, Edificio Veles e Vents, los planos verdes (the green banks) in Campanar, Palau de la Música,  Calle Menorca, plaza del Tossal, Ciudad de la Justicia, Estación de metro de Bailén. plaza Cinquanta Skateshop (C/Vives liern with C/Pelayo), subway station La Alameda, plaza Segovia, IVAM,  …

I have created a Google map with Valencia skate spots. I will update the spots with photos but meanwhile you have the locations and some short descriptions. I hope you find it useful.

There are also great skateparks such as Beteró, Gulliver and skateplaza,… visit our skateparks section to know all about them. You can see many of the skateparks in these videos from pro skater Jaime Mateu (from Mallorca) and Schaeffer McLean (UK).

Valencia is famous for this:


… but also for this:

Some of the street spots you can find in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and it is located in the East coast by the Mediterranean Sea, therefore it is always sunny. Perfect weather for skateboarding and wonderful food (very famous by Oranges, Horchata, Paella, and many more…).

The city displays a good number of  street spots all around. Pro skaters like Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Dave Wallace, Danny León, etc.. have skated in la Comunidad Valenciana.In addition, there are great skateshops located who speak English in the city center such as Cinquanta Skateshop (Calle Vives Liern 9, close to Plaza de España and Train Station, Valencia) or Willshop (Av/Guillém de Castro 45, Valencia) with low prices and good customer service, where you can find all brands, including awesome Spanish brands that you might want to check.

If you are looking for an Airbnb flat for you and your mates, you should go to Rio Turia Skatehouse.

I hope you have liked this post. The idea is to make easier to find useful info for skateboarders who come  to Valencia. If any doubt you can write a private message via Facebook.

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