This is a directory of Spanish skateboarding brands.

Sex and Skate and Rock´n´Roll supports following companies who develop all these amazing products and services related to the world of skateboarding. Please, visit their sites and know more about them.


Skatebrands Logos


Ateneo skateboards (Decks, wheels, grip tape, t-shirts)

Brandless skateboards (Decks)

Chayms skate (Clases de skate individuales o en grupo por Valencia, Burjassot, Paterna y alrededores)

Esedecé Skateboards (Tablas y ropa)

Eyesimmetric (Skate clothing, T-shirts, bags, …)

Fakie (T-Shirts)

Feel Skateboards (Decks, Clothing)

Hi Ha Skateboarding (School of skateboarding, skateboarding club)

Imagine skateboards (Decks, grip tape)

Irony Skateboards (Decks and Wheels)

KOTBA (Knights Of the Black Arts) (Clothing, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers)

Llisa Longboards (Decks)

Maniak Ramps (Skateparks, ramps, rails, events, constests, for sale and for rent)

Monark Supply (Clothing, apparel, skateboard bags, skate socks)

Mosaic Company: (Ceramic bearings, clothing, c4ramelo decks)

Pathetic Supply Co. (T-shirts, coffee, mugs, )

– Pipa y Noa (urban wear skate, surf, snow for girls and boys: sweaters, t-shirts, beanies,..)

Pro Model Deck (Decks, grip tape, totem, customization)

Skate-home (Skate Furniture, skate art: Stools, mirrors, bookshelves, hangers, chairs,…)

Sweet Madness (Clothing, T-shirts, caps, swimming trunks)

Treze 13s (Skate art, handcraft, decoration, collars, kendamas)

Villains (decks, T-shirts)

Warhill (T-shirts, clothing, sunglasses, backbags)

Woodpark Fingerboards Company (Fingerboard decks, rails, accesories and ramps)

If, you run a skateboarding company based in Spain and you would like to have a link in this site,  contact me at:

I used to have much more brands linked here but as the have not given any feedback at all I have just erased them. I don´t support them anymore. I only support the ones whom I like their attitude and help the kids.

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